3 ways to help Kirknewton this weekend

Help your village 1 – Speed Calming Petition

There is a petition in the shop and Post Office asking for traffic calming measures in the east side of the village up to the garage.  Signing the petition also commits you to pledge not to speed in the village.  It would be great if you could sign it.

From 2010 to 2011 1000 more cars went over the railway crossing on a daily basis.  The police have yet to provide us with a report on average speed in the east of the village but it has been reported to West Lothian Council as a potential danger area and was highlighted in the public consultation last February.  Thanks to a local resident the speed of public transport is being monitored at the moment.

Having met with the local councillor, planning and the police already they are aware this is a matter residents of Kirknewton take very seriously.  If you feel very strongly about the issue please sign the peitition.

Give It A GoHelp your village 2 – Give It A Go!

The Give It A Go! meeting happens on Mon 13 Feb at 8pm in the Village Hall.  Prior to the meeting (if you are going or not) please fill out the quick survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QL66PJN and let us know what new clubs you would like to be part of and what outcomes of the Development Plan you may like to help with.

The meeting will look at what activities we can start for young people in the village, kick start some new clubs and activities for adults and utilise your skills and knowledge to achieve the Development Plan over the next three years!

During the community consultation you highlighted the lack of things to do for all ages, particularly young people, and the lack of facilities in the village. The Development Trust are working on building the Resource Centre to provide a base for volunteering activity and have organised the ‘Give It A Go’ meeting to discuss options available to the community now.  You could help with the running of a club or simply join in! The meeting starts at 8pm and is expected to last 1 and a half to two hours. The meeting will be a jumping off point to; Discuss what and who can help with clubs for young people in the village. To start new groups for adults in the village. To get involved with current groups in the village. To match your skills to projects in the Kirknewton Development Plan. Share help and advice between groups. Hope to see you there!
Help Your Village 3 – Fauch Hill Wind Farm Development survey
There is only one week to go to fill out the Kirknewton Community Council consultation on the Fauch Hill Wind Farm development that will be built within the Kirknewton Council boundary.  You can fill the survey out online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FauchHillWindFarm or by post in the pack that should have been sent to your home.  Nearly 100 of you have already done so but we need more to get a representative sample of the village. You can also find out more about this consultation at https://kirknewton.wordpress.com/2012/01/27/kirknewton-launch-wind-farm-consultation-2/

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