Kirknewton ‘Give It A Go’…

At the moment it feels like the Development Trust are presenting you with several jigsaw pieces but you may need the big picture to help you put it all together.  So here is my attempt to help you piece together the puzzle!

We currently have £110,000 of Leader funds to build the local Resource Centre on the Old Gospel Hall site.  At the moment you will see on the site a large pole from which there are numerous strings, showing the height of the build.  It is to help us work through current discusssions on shadowing with West Lothian Planning Department, which we hope to resolve in the next few weeks.  The funding is dependent on getting planning permission and a building warrant.  If this is not granted we lose the funding and the development.

We may lose much more.  This project allows us to apply to the lottery for growing community assets.  At the moment we have a funding bid of £330,000 in for consideration that will help fund a Development Officer, Admin/Finance support and a Volunteer and Youth Co-Ordinator for the next five years.  If we lose the chance of having the asset (the Resource Centre) we are also in danger of losing the potential funding for the lottery.  The current Development Officer role ends in April 2012.  The good news is we have got through stage one of this application and are now working up a stage two application with the potential of some additional development support to do so.

The intention is for the Resource Centre to be self financing within five years (or before).  Any shortfalls, salaries or development money needed to support activity in the village beyond the next five years will come from our potential community benefit and investment in renewable energy – such as the Fauch Hill Wind Farm development.  It is important we know you support that initaitve, which is why the Community Council asked your thoughts on the Fauch Hill Wind Farm and the community benefit package/investment opportunity that has been negotiated by the Development Trust.  Over 350 people participated in the survey and the final report will be published after the presentation of findings at the Development Trust AGM on 1st March at 8pm in the Village Hall.

To make things happen it is important we come together from time to time.  That is why we ran the ‘Give It A Go’ event on Monday 13th February at 8pm in the Village Hall.  This event has provided an opportunity to help action a youth project or start/join a new club, based on suggestions made in the Community Consultation in February last year and the Skills and Volunteer survey in November.   In the interim some of these clubs could meet in the current Development Trust Office and Village Hall, or maybe the Church Hall, School or at the sports pitch.  Ultimately there will be a place to go and support for what you want to do if the Resource Centre is built and additional funds are forthcoming.

On top of that it would be great to get five small teams working on the five themes of the Development Plan, utilising the time and skills available of volunteers in the village.  I recently met with Volunteer Sector Gateway (West Lothian) to see how we could also support those volunteers.  It would be great to have staff support to keep the Development Plan but to keep it on track these five teams will prove invaluable to the community.  Work on this and the potential new groups will continue over the next few months.

The current Development Plan lasts for 3 years (to the end of 2014) at which point we will do another community consultation to inform the next five year development plan.  That will no doubt be influenced by any developments with proposed Kirknewton Army Barracks from 2016 onwards.

Hopefully the jigsaw is coming together now.  Remember you can find out more at the Kirknewton Community Development Trust Annual General Meeting on Thursday 1st March at 8.30pm in the Village Hall.  You can read more about Development Trust activity in the 4 page report distributed with this months Konect magazine or on line here.  If you have a question on the work of the Trust over the last year for the AGM please send it in by 28th February to and we will answer it on the night.


3 ways to help Kirknewton this weekend

Help your village 1 – Speed Calming Petition

There is a petition in the shop and Post Office asking for traffic calming measures in the east side of the village up to the garage.  Signing the petition also commits you to pledge not to speed in the village.  It would be great if you could sign it.

From 2010 to 2011 1000 more cars went over the railway crossing on a daily basis.  The police have yet to provide us with a report on average speed in the east of the village but it has been reported to West Lothian Council as a potential danger area and was highlighted in the public consultation last February.  Thanks to a local resident the speed of public transport is being monitored at the moment.

Having met with the local councillor, planning and the police already they are aware this is a matter residents of Kirknewton take very seriously.  If you feel very strongly about the issue please sign the peitition.

Give It A GoHelp your village 2 – Give It A Go!

The Give It A Go! meeting happens on Mon 13 Feb at 8pm in the Village Hall.  Prior to the meeting (if you are going or not) please fill out the quick survey at and let us know what new clubs you would like to be part of and what outcomes of the Development Plan you may like to help with.

The meeting will look at what activities we can start for young people in the village, kick start some new clubs and activities for adults and utilise your skills and knowledge to achieve the Development Plan over the next three years!

During the community consultation you highlighted the lack of things to do for all ages, particularly young people, and the lack of facilities in the village. The Development Trust are working on building the Resource Centre to provide a base for volunteering activity and have organised the ‘Give It A Go’ meeting to discuss options available to the community now.  You could help with the running of a club or simply join in! The meeting starts at 8pm and is expected to last 1 and a half to two hours. The meeting will be a jumping off point to; Discuss what and who can help with clubs for young people in the village. To start new groups for adults in the village. To get involved with current groups in the village. To match your skills to projects in the Kirknewton Development Plan. Share help and advice between groups. Hope to see you there!
Help Your Village 3 – Fauch Hill Wind Farm Development survey
There is only one week to go to fill out the Kirknewton Community Council consultation on the Fauch Hill Wind Farm development that will be built within the Kirknewton Council boundary.  You can fill the survey out online at or by post in the pack that should have been sent to your home.  Nearly 100 of you have already done so but we need more to get a representative sample of the village. You can also find out more about this consultation at