Kirknewton launch wind farm consultation

Dear Kirknewton resident,

This blog entry has been written on behalf of the Kirknewton Community Council.

Kirknewton has been identified by the company EFRG as one of the host communities for a wind energy power station to be sited to the west of Harperrig Reservoir. You may know it as the Fauch Hill Wind Farm.

The Kirknewton Community Council had been relying upon the developer’s consultation to ensure that the views of local communities were understood fully. However, we have not sufficient confidence in the results of the consultation, particularly with regard to the sample size of people from Kirknewton that have made their views known at the two events held in the Kirknewton Village Hall. We believe it is very important that a sufficient sample of the Kirknewton community has an input to this consultation so that there is confidence that the views expressed are those of the community as a whole.

Therefore we have asked IBP Strategy and Research to conduct some independent market research on the Community Council’s behalf to get yet your views.

Atached to this this blog entry you will find

  • A background document relating summary of discussions between the Community Council, Kirknewton Community Development Trust and EFRG (represented by Invicta)
  • A document written by Hugh Hunter Gordon from the Community Council on sources of energy (it should be stressed that this paper has been written by me in a personal capacity and you are also encouraged to look at other sources of information about these issues).
  • A survey that covers
    • Your opinion of wind farms in general
    • The Fauch Hill Wind Farm proposal
    • The community benefit packages being offered by the developer of the Fauch Hill Wind Farm

The Community Council would appreciate it if you could fill this survey out online at or on the paper copy enclosed and send to IBP Strategy and Research in the Reply Paid envelope (provided in a pack that will be sent to all households in Kirknewton) by Friday 10th February.

IBP will also contact a sample of the community through a door-to-door survey in early February.

The results should be available on or before 1st March and will be presented at the Kirknewton Community Development Trust AGM on that date at 8.30pm.

It is important that you make your views known on this matter and both the Community Council and the Kirknewton Community Development Trust would appreciate your responses.

If you have any questions regarding this consultation please contact Fraser Grieve at IBP Strategy and Research on 01698 743075 (

Thank you for your co-operation

Hugh Hunter Gordon

Chair of Kirknewton Community Council

Wind Farm summary

Energy options paper

Survey questions

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