Big push for the final weekend of Kirknewton survey

THE BIG SURVEY PUSH – your 11 days are nearly up!
Today is one of the biggest volunteering days of the year – Children In Need.
It is also the final weekend to let us know your skills (sometimes you may even be paid for what you do!), if you take time to raise funds for others or Kirknewton activities, if you are a carer, if you volunteer in or out of the village, if you want to volunteer but are unsure of what to do or even if you don’t have time to do anything.  We want to hear from you online at
Volunteer ‘hours’ can sometimes be used as ‘cash’ for match funding bids to help get things done in the village.
PLEASE take 5 minutes now to fill out the survey or this weekend.  You can fill out the survey online or on paper copies that have come through your door.
Paper copies can be delivered to the Development Trust office at 24 Main Street.  Deadline is 22nd November.

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