Can you help a Kirknewton Cycling Project?

A volunteer has come forward, inspired by the Development Trusts ‘Meals on Wheel’ event, to help take forward the development of cycle tracks in and around Kirknewton – and needs your help.

He is particularly interested in developing tracks in Selm Muir wood, with the Forestry Commission, and cycle tracks to and around Kirknewton.

There is enthusiasm, possible access to materials and there are active discussions for 75 hours of free technical assistance on what needs to be done to achieve what you would like (that can also provide advice on funding, too). The Kirknewton Community Development Trust and Park Action Group are supporting the project.

In the first instance we are looking for like minded cyclists in the village to get together to expand on initial discussions of where and what the ideal routes would be. The West Lothian Greenspace Officer is helping and we are in discussions with Forestry Commission Scotland who can see the potential that Kirknewton has.

If you are interested in cycling, or think you have skills that could also help the project, please pass on your details to by 28th September and we will be in touch about a future get together to find out more.

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