Hold the front page…

Kirknewton is getting some media coverage for our energyshare bid.  There was a piece in the Edinburgh Evening News and an article in  the West Lothian Courier today.

Here is the original media release we sent out.


A call was put out today by the small West Lothian village of Kirknewton for support across the Lothians and Scotland for their £100,000 energyshare funds bid.  The money will go towards a potential hydro project at Harperigg Reservoir and other renewable energy projects.  Funds generated from these projects will go back into supporting local community activity. 

Kirknewton, in West Lothian, has a population of only 2000 people.  As a village they have big aspirations and are actively seeking financial support for a number of renewable energy projects.  These projects include a hydro plant, a renewable energy heated social space, an anaerobic digester plant and investment in wind farm technology.  They are already conducting a food waste trial and during the last two years have provided energy advice to nearly 200 homes.

The village, through the Kirknewton Community Development Trust, has produced a Development Plan based on community consultation of over 500 residents – from school kids to adults.  Any community benefit received from renewable projects in the future will go towards the objectives of the current development plan and the plan scheduled for 2015-2020.

Tony Foster, Kirknewton Community Trust Development Officer, said today, “As a village we are not only taking our environmental responsibility seriously but we are looking at ways that can benefit the interests of the whole village.  Over the last six months we have been finding out what the village community would like those benefits to be.  During our community consultation we received over 2200 views from 500 people.  All the renewable projects require funding and we need help beyond our small village population to get to the next round of energyshare. If you like what we are trying to achieve please support our energyshare bid before the June 30th deadline.  This would be a big help to us.”

To support the Kirknewton bid you can go to http://www.energyshare.com/kirknewton-community-development-trust/ and click the blue ‘Support This Group’ button on the right hand side (you can then invite your facebook friends to support Kirknewton too). 

Kirknewton Community Development Trust is a local membership organisation who aim to promote opportunities for learning and education, encourage local lead development, help and encourage local people to develop new skills, promote protection and enhancement of the local environment, promote energy efficiency in the home, promote the use of renewable technology for generating electricity and heat and relieve fuel poverty.

There’s up to £500K available in the launch round of the energyshare fund. And that’s just the start. energyshare’s founding partners, River Cottage and British Gas are committed to finding more funding. As a start, British Gas are distributing a further £3m to community renewable energy projects through the energyshare fund over the next 3 years.

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