Daleks in Kirknewton!

Potter Around has new stock – including Daleks!  I thought I’d just share that with you, along with some other news (How many references to a certain time traveller can you find – and can you help us reverse the polarity of the neutron flow by the end of it?)

The Primary School Spring Fair escaped expected awful weather (a potential Amy POND or RIVER Song in the making – ha,ha!) and turned out to be a highly successful fundraiser.  A noble achievement!  I am pleased to say that the Trust was able to find funding of £1500 for the schools raised flower beds. This will enable the school to put funds originally earmarked for that project to other uses, including saving up for an outdoor classroom!  One that looks like a blue police box would be good, don’t you think? 

The next big event is the gala and, oh my giddy aunt, raffle tickets are on sale throughout outlets in the village to win BIG prizes on the day.  So have two hearts and buy a ticket!  As usual there will be the usual races on the day, so when I say run,run…RUN!

Nearly 200 of you have looked at the I Love Kirknewton Community Consultation document online  – it can be found here .  For those of you who don’t know your computer from your sonic screwdriver, hard copies of the report are available in the Trust Office, Village Hall (near the notice boards) and at East Calder library for you to read.  Members of the local council and our local MSP have been sent the information electronically.  I’m sure they can master it! 

We’ve have also passed or in the process of getting copies to local businesses/organisations in the area who may wish to take on board some of your comments (the garage, pub (good pint of Tennants), chippy, post office, shop, Potter Around, school, church, police, bus company and the East Calder Medical Practice – that is where you will find my doctor!) .   I am particularly fond of  the ice cream in a cone suggestion (preferably not with fish fingers, custard or deadly jelly babies!) and I wish someone would take that brilliant idea on board! 

The big lottery have been sent the report and has said it is an excellent piece of work and wish to use it as a case study for effective community engagement and consultation.  That’s great – I also hope it helps us with future funding bids to help regenerate the area.

In that report you said you wanted a new play park! Allons-y – it is now open and being well used by kids and adults.  I’m soon going to hop into Bessie and take a drive to see a park near Coatbridge for inspiration for future development in the park.  Every rose has it’s thorn and Dog Wardens have also been around the park and the village (in uniform and in plain clothes) speaking to dog owners who haven’t been cleaning up their dogs mess.  This was quite an issue in the community consultation and, although it won’t improve overnight, work has and is being done to alleviate the situation.  So please keep your little K9’s in check, for the benefit of everyone in the village.  That would be ace!

Other achievements – You said you wanted a Kirknewton website. Don’t blink –  the site is now online at http://www.kirknewton.org

You said you wanted a business directory.  Geronimo!  This is now online at http://www.kirknewton.org/business_directory and we are putting any business based in Kirknewton up there free of charge.  E mail us at infokirknewton@gmail.com if you wish to be included.

You said you wanted to know about Kirknewton history.  Again information for all you budding timelords can be found on the website at http://www.kirknewton.org/about_us/history – see if any Brigadier Lethbridge – Stewarts met any Captain Jacks when the American Air Force were stationed here in Kirknewton.

I am in dialogue with local councillors about several projects they feel they can take forward on your behalf, without them being in the final development plan.  We will let you know as soon as they are actioned.

The Kirknewton Development Trust is actively looking at funding streams to help support renewable energy projects and general funds to help finance the outcomes of the recent ‘I Love Kirknewton’ community consultation.  It is time for change my dear, and it seems not a moment too soon!
From time to time I’ll be asking for your help – the first of which is simply clicking a button and supporting this group at http://www.energyshare.com/Kirknewton-Community-Development-Trust
The more people who support the group, the greater chance we have of getting to the next stage and funding of £100,000!  

So, if you are a big Doctor Who fan and would like to help us reverse the polarity of the neutron flow (or even reverse the linearity of the proton flow) and reach our target then please support our energyshare bid by the Thursday 30th June 2011 deadline here
Little cybermen steps to improve life in Kirknewton but we’ll get there in the end (torch, I mean touch wood!).  It just takes a little timey wimey. Feel I might get exterminated if I continue this.  I’ll get my scarf!  Bye sweetie!

(The silence is golden!)

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