Breaking the silence

I thought I’d give readers of this blog a wee respite from my ramblings for a few weeks, after a flurry of activity during the winter months.  I’m sure you have better things to do  – like enjoying this mini (or is that our once a year?) heatwave!

So, what plans are afoot!

The Community Development Plan report has yet to land on my desk but we have been ploughing our wares to potential funding streams from the headline outcomes of the community consultation.  This has opened a few doors for funding, including taking forward the Community Resource Centre on the old Gospel Hall site and being able to plan additional work on improving the park. 

The Community Resource Centre is by no means the Community Centre people have asked for, but in the short term it will allow for more meeting and volunteer space that will free up the village hall (and other spaces) for activity based clubs and groups.  This will allow us all to judge potential usage of a bigger space or highlight what additional needs the village may want in a community centre.

Meanwhile  the Park Action Group have prioritised a (more likely) bike track/(possible) skate park (with help from the local kids to help design it), improvement of the woodland at the back of the park and possible floodlights on the football pitch to allow more usage during the winter months.   There will be a meeting for late primary/high school pupils after Easter in the village hall to get your thoughts on the the possible bike track/skate park, to look over information previously gathered from the village and to look for a small team to help develop the plans/funding applications.  More later…

The Trust continues to look at potential community assets that will provide funding streams to sustain any of the village developments.  On the table we still have the AD plant (more in May), wind, wood and hydro options.  This has led to a number of seminars, potential partner meetings and looking at guidance from a number of funding bodies.  These discussion and consultations are still taking place and as soon as I know, you’ ll know! 

The Development Plan has yet to be written and I will probably look at a small steering group of stakeholders to look at the first draft for feedback.  Keep checking the blog if you want to get involved with that.

The legacy of Powerdown lives on!  The food waste trial is up and running and should be fully operational by the end of April.  As with any trial there are a few hiccups that the Trust has learned from, so thank you for your patience if you have (or are) slightly confused about what to do with your caddy, how to get more waste bags, where your nearest green bin is, when your bin gets collected, or who your local bin champion is!  What I can say is more and more people are opting into the trial and there is still time to get a caddy and take part if you wish.  Come into the Development Trust office or e mail if you want a free caddy, preferably by Thursday 21st April .

The big news is, apart from Kirknewton having this blog, a twitter account and a facebook group the Trust is about to launch a new Kirknewton website.  Developed by the Trust and tictoc the site should be live before Easter.  You can find out all the latest village news, history and future events, read more about all the community groups in Kirknewton (with space available to all community groups to put their piccies, minutes and documents for the local community to see), learn more about how you can volunteer your time or skills on local projects, promote your local business, comment on what’s going on in the village, see photo galleries and also make your own eco-pledge (tell us if you have a food trial caddy, for example).  tictoc are just tweaking some of the snagging discovered in testing once the site was fully populated with content and groups can add more once the site is launched.  Watch out for promotional info here, on facebook and via the twitter as well as posters in the village.  If you have any news or events you want to promote please send details with a jpeg picture to

Away from the virtual world and back to the real world!   I hope the new play park is finished soon so some of you can enjoy it for some of the Easter holidays.  Again, thanks to everyone who helped make that happen!  Health warning – don’t eat too much chocolate and then go on the new swings though kids – it might get messy!

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