Your Big Ideas Pt 4 – The over 16’s

Part 4 of our daily presentation of Your Big Ideas from the ‘I Love Kirknewton’ Community Consultation.  Everyone was asked what do you like about Kirknewton, what don’t you like and what would you like to see.

All the ‘What would you like to see’ views will be presented at the Meals on Wheels event in the park this Saturday.  You can comment there or online. 

 What do you like about Kirknewton

1                    Location – access to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Livingston, rural, sense of community, friendly and safe was the biggest reason

2                    Facilities – shop and Post office

3                    Public Transport links

4                    Schools

5                    Having the Kirknewton Community Development Trust

 What do you not like about Kirknewton

 1                    Lack of facilities – things to do for all ages

2                    Public Transport – cost and unreliability

3                    School too small

4                    Danger of overdevelopment

5                    Lack of recycling

 What changes would you like to see in Kirknewton

 1                    More facilities for youth

2                    Doctors

3                    Improving the community centre

4                    Traffic Management

5                    Public Transport – improve reliability

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