Your Big Ideas Pt 2 – Kirknewton Primary Pupils

There was a huge surge of interest in this blog yesterday so welcome to part 2 of ‘Your Big Ideas’.  Thanks to for your questions and comments.  Remember we will be at the Meals and Wheels event on Saturday in the park to share more ideas with you. 

As all good daytime serials begin – “Previously on ‘Your Big Ideas'”…. we presented the Kirknewton nursery kids ideas and to day it is the turn of the Primary School Pupils.  To recap on Friday 4th February we spoke to the Primary School pupils at their assembly and then in their classes they chose their likes, dislikes and what they liked to see in Kirknewton.  These ideas were fed back to the pupils on the Pupil Council who gave us the school priorities for the village at a meeting on Friday 11th February.  198 pupils participated in total.  Here are their ideas…

1                    Café (with burgers).  Ice Cream cones or ice cream can in summer

2                    Bus Timetables so don’t cross & make traffic jam

3                    Dog Bins all over, especially Main Street, Kaimes, Park

4                    Joint 4th – Trees/More Activities ie Football Team, BMX Tax, Skate Park

5                    Youth Group (meeting place)

Tomorrow we give you the likes, dislikes and ideas from Balerno High School pupils who live in Kirknewton

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