Sharing your Big Ideas Part 1

Each day this week I’m going to share with you some of the Big Ideas the community put forward during the recent ‘I Love Kirknewton’ Community Consultation.  Please feel free to comment on the findings either online or direct to me at

About 70 of you have already seen (and had the opportunity to comment on) some of these ideas at the talk I did after the ‘Wood For Winter Warmth’ session or in all their glory at the ‘Your Big Idea’ drop in day.  Thanks to everyone who came to either event, especially to those who spent nearly an hour reading all the comments made as part of the consultation.  I’ll present all the ideas put forward at the ‘I Love Kirknewton’ Drop In Day at the Meals and Wheels event on Saturday 26th March in the Village Park (as well as the maps of Kirknewton with comments made by you on ways to improve the village – you can see and comment on the maps on this blog next week!)

Over 495 members of the community participated in the ‘I Love Kirknewton’ community consultation, including 198 primary school children, 26 Balerno High School Children, 120 at a drop in event and the rest via in street, doorstep or stakeholder group meetings.

The largest age range of participants was between 25-44 and their numbers matched the population profile of the area.  

 When asked what’s it like living / working in Kirknewton (1 being not good, 10 being very good) the largest number was 8 (just over 60 paticipants), then 7 (40 participants), then 9 (just under 30 participants) then 10 (just over 25 participants).  The lowest number scored on this question was a 3.

On Friday 4th February we spoke to the Primary School pupils at their assembly and then in their classes they chose their likes, dislikes and what they liked to see in Kirknewton.  These ideas were fed back to the pupils on the Pupil Council who gave us the school priorities for the village at a meeting on Friday 11th February.  198 pupils participated in total.  You can see their ideas tomorrow – but  the nursery kids in the school would like…

1                    Ice Cream Shop

2                    Book shop or library

3                    Stop dogs going into the swing park

4                    Another crossing by the shop

5                    A new duck pond

6                    A bigger community centre

Tomorrow – the Primary School Pupils!

One comment

  1. I believe when the new shop was built in the plans at the request of the council planning, a metal fence round the pavement was requested, to make safe areas for crossing, I wonder what happened to this?

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