Kirknewton Play Park work – begins Monday!

Just got the official line last night that the work to upgrade the play park at Kirknewton Public Park is programmed to commence on Monday 21st March, 2011.  Well done to everyone in the community who helped make that happen!  Kirknewton – getting things done!


  1. Is there a programme of work available? What is the park going to look like? Will the basketball hoops face each other (instead of being at 90 degrees to each other?

    Great news for the village. I hope everyone can enjoy the new park.

  2. Hi
    The work begins on Monday and at a meeting of the Park Action group last night we were told work should take a week. The plan for the park is available at the Trust office in the Main Street (and maybe at the event on Saturday). The hoops will be turned round to face each other and we hope three new benches will be placed around the play park. If you want to know more about ideas for the park or have any yourself then speak to Becky at the park on Saturday.

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