Put the ‘Big Idea’ day in your diary

A number of you have already commented on the Big Idea event, which is great.  I thought I’d begin the week (and end of the month!) by giving you some more details.

At the moment Vikki Hilton, the external consultant, is gathering together the views of nearly 200 pupils from Kirknewton Primary and 250 of you from the village.  She plans to see pupils at Balerno High School who live in Kirknewton at lunch time, for only half an hour, on Wednesday 2nd March (so please have your say or encourage your kids to have their say at that event).   

A short presentation on the initial findings from the ‘I Love Kirknewton’ consultation will be made at the Village Hall on Thursday 10th March from 7pm. 

This will be followed by the main drop in day presenting ‘Your BIG Ideas’ on Sunday 13th March in the Village Hall from 10am til 5pm.  This will be your opportunity to help make your favourite ideas happen.  You will find out what you like about Kirknewton, what you don’t like and what you would like to see to make our community life better. 

As an example – if you said you want a brand new community centre we will provide a map of Kirknewton and you can choose your ideal location for the new facility.  If you suggested traffic calming measures we may ask where you would like speed signs situated.

There are a number of suggestions that have been repeated several times.  Even if you didn’t get the chance to put forward your ideas here is your opportunity to see what others have had to say and how together we can make those ideas happen.  That may be through funding from a sustainable income source in the area, applying for or raising funds for suitable projects, lobbying from the community council to relevant bodies, the work of the Development Trust, activities through other community groups or by using the skills and abilities of people who live in the village.

All this information will be utilised and provide a focus for the final Community Development Plan and the application to the Big Lottery.  I hope you can make the day!  

(Don’t forget England play Scotland at the 6 Nations rugby on the 13th too, so if you don’t want to miss the game come before 3pm or if you want to escape the game come and see us between 3 and 5pm!)

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