Wet and windy…

 The storm clouds have gathered but the Baby and Toddler group was fairly bright and breezy yesterday, with a sense of community spirit shining through.

Vikki and Sam fought the storm and knocked on doors throughout the day but have wisely decided to avoid the elements today.  The weather certainly didn’t help attendance at the Kirknewton Community Association but the discussion was historical and interesting.  We did discover a new group who we will see this afternoon and hopefully capture their views for the consultation.

This morning it was back to school, talking to the pupils of Kirknewtom Primary School.  The kids have some work to do over the next week that will be fed back through the pupil council.  Their homework is to also bring all their mums, dads and carers to the drop in event on Sunday 6th February, 10am til 6pm at the Village Hall (plug, plug, plug).

I have the hall keys, the display boards have arrived, the cakes are in the freezer, the tea urn is ready to boil, the kids will have toys to keep them occupied and now all we need is you and your views for the future of Kirknewton.  Vikki, the team and I hope to see you on Sunday.

Please don’t snow…

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