Time to go live…

Today the blog goes live!

This morning we confirmed attending the Kirknewton Church after the service on 6th February.  I will also be speaking at the beginning of the service.  Having had my public speaking syle likened to a preacher in the past it should be a treat!

Vikki Hilton will also be at the Mother and Toddler group on the morning of the 3rd February and to the hall users at the Kirknewton Association meeting that evening too.

We will be at the Primary School Assembly on the 4th to capture the school pupils opinions of what they would like to see in Kirknewton and we confirm with Balerno High School arrangements to capture Kirknewton pupils opinions there at the end of the month.

Please expect Vikki, her team and myself to be out and about too over the coming weeks (please don’t snow, please don’t snow, please don’t snow).

Many other groups have been approached, sent information and expressed an interest in their members coming along at the drop in event on Sunday 6th February.  I will probably repeat that date so many times you will get sick of it!  If I have missed you out please accept my apologies and get in touch for further information.

The good news is Scotland kick off their Six Nations campaign the day before the ‘Drop In’ session, so nothing to detract your attention (and light relief in the afternoon if you need to take it easy!).

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