It could be you…

As I am employed on the back of a Big Lottery Technical Assistance Grant one of the key meetings I’ve been looking forward to is with Dave Knight, our man from the lottery.  It was a really productive meeting with an eye on potential pitfalls for the project (that we are aware of) and what opportunities there may be.  No promises, of course, but everything seems to be going well with ongoing planning and tender investigations all running along at the same time.  What is very clear is the community consultation in February/March will inform our thinking and help to determine the key outcomes of the project. 

Proving this is a samll world Dave was going on to another lottery funded project to speak to the new manager there.  I actually had an interview for that management post in November!  So it seems I was destined to meet with Dave at some point – hopefully for all the right reasons.

Of course the meeting with Dave also highlighted the enormity of the task ahead.  I hope you can get involved and we can keep you informed every step of the way with this blog.  Keep reading and enjoy the ride!

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