The BIG Picture

Invites on facebook out, press release sent out, twitter feed set up( ), flyers and posters to collect today.  At some point I’d better tell people about this blog as with this and the last two messages I am talking to myself!

So you are all up to speed here is the information I sent out to Kirknewton Development Trust members that explains how the consultation fits in with the Anaerobic Digestor plant.

” I will be working together with an independent community engagement specialist to get your ideas to improve life and work in the village and we want you to get involved.

 The  ‘I love Kirknewton’  campaign begins in February and will identify your key needs and aspirations for the village and will help a comprehensive community development plan for additional lottery funds of £1,000,000.

 Working with consultant Vikki Hilton I will be asking you what you like about living in Kirknewton, what you don’t like and what would make Kirknewton a better place to live and why.  Vikki helped the trust in 2007 and 2008 when people were asked about the renewable energy project.

Vikki and I will be meeting with village groups and knocking on doors throughout February.  To make sure your voice is heard please come to a Drop In Event on Sunday 6th February at the Village Hall anytime from 10am til 6pm.  There will be refreshments available.  If you can’t make the Drop In Event please e mail me at or phone him on 07734 884320 and he will arrange a time to come and see you at home.

 Your ideas will be presented in early March for additional feedback from you.

 If Kirknewton is successful and is awarded the £1,000,000 funding  from the Big Lottery that money will be added to the current £300,000 Kirknewton Community Development Trust Fund and will be invested towards the Anaerobic Digester plant (or ‘Eco Plant’).   The Trust wishes to earn a regular income for the community by generating renewable energy.  

 The anaerobic digestion of food waste will produce electricity for sale to the grid, compost and fertiliser which can be sold to local farmers, growers and golf courses and heat which can be used to heat polytunnels for local market gardening.   The plant will also include an educational viewing gallery where you can learn about the process and local history.

 Once built and fully operational 50% of the Eco Plant yearly profits will go towards funding your ideas.  Before then the ideas shared by you during the community work may be used for any funding applications that are of interest to you or community groups.

 This is a project for you as part of the community. Please help by dropping in on Sunday 6th February, even if you only have 5 minutes, and share your ideas about Kirknewton.”

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