Can’t read my poker face

The poker game was fun.  After a week of information overload learning the rules of poker fried my brain and made me lose the ability to speak!  I had to grasp straight flushes after my river of dreams (or something) with ace kickers thrown in from time to time for good measure!  I didn’t leave the table without all the money I had brought to it but explaining my lack of a shirt, car and why we had to move out of the house at the end of the week to my wife was a hard one to explain!

The first communication from the Kirknewton Trust has gone out about my role and what we are hoping to achieve over the next year (if you become a member of the Kirknewton Development Trust you can sign up for e mails etc.).  Yes, it did look like a wanted poster for crimes against Kirknewton but I hope it was also informative.  I have to say that most people have been very supportive of the project.  That is really encouraging for me but also for the volunteers who’ve got the community to the point of having funding for the consultation, the technical aspects of the plan and the production of the development plan.  So thanks for all that and I hope we can meet your expectations and put something together that will be workable for the village in the future.

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