Hello world!

My first blog ever!  The idea is to keep you as informed as possible on the Kirknewton Community Consultation.

I began work on Wednesday 5th January 2011.  On that day I met with members of the Kirknewton Community Development Trust to discuss the project and my role.  First I have to focus on the community engagement side to determine the needs and priorities from the profits of the proposed Anaerobic Digestor plant.

With that in mind I met with Vikki Hilton of Hilton Associates who has worked for the trust before on community consultation.  There are four questions we intend to ask;

  • What do you like about Kirknewton?
  • What do you not like about Kirknewton?
  • What would make Kirknewton a better place to live in and why?
  • What would your priority be?

 The consultation will take place during February, beginning with an ‘drop in meeting’ followed by meetings with stakeholder groups in the village, door to door/in street interviews and culminating with a presentation of findings and feedback to the local community in early March.

The information gathered from the consultation will be used for the production of a community development plan for additional lottery funding.

As part of my induction intothey post I’ve met with Lisa Morton and members of the Powerdown Team ,  read the AD Planning application documents, the Big Lottery Investing in Communities documents, the correspondence with the Big Lottery and their information for grant recipients.  I’m working my way through the various consultations that have already taken place in the village and it is my intention to include the findings in those as part of the community plan.

I’ve also produced the publicity for the consultation campaign (coming soon! )  I’ve written my articles for the Development Trust Members e mail, Konect magazine and local media. I’ve also set up some new social network sites (including this one) to keep everyone informed as well as I can.  The Kirknewton Facebook Group was up and running anyway – but now we’re on Twitter too (search kirknewtoneh27)

I attended the Community Council and the Parent Staff Association at the school to tell them about the project.  I’ve made initial contact with as many stakeholders in the village and passed on information.  Hopefully we’ll meet as many of you as we can or see you at the first drop in event at the Village Hall on Sunday 6th February  from 10am til 6pm.  Drop in anytime, even if you’ve only got five minutes.  You will be most welcome and refreshments will be available.

Next week more talking, meeting, phoning, reading, writing, e mailing, texting, blogging (!) and a crash course in planning an AD plant with the partners in the project is on the cards.  Talking of cards tonight I’m off to learn how to play poker!

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